White Sage Landing Testimonials

Read some of the comments and emails that we have received from our customers regarding their personal journeys with our organic products that are cultivated using healthy, sustainable, and co-creative living.


Oh WOW!  The Attar!  I really like the sample you sent (Khus Masala Attar).

I am just realizing it makes me feel more feminine too.  And I am actually feeling joy again!!!  I felt it through my arms and my whole face is smiling. Oh Wow! I’ve worn this for about 1/2 hour. Thanks!

Jennifer F. - Khus Masala Attar

One of the greatest joys in my fragrance life is when a new ruh or attar arrives.  You provide me with regular access to heavenly fragrant bliss.   I always trust that I will love them when they arrive.
I feel so sad for the followers of synthetic fragrances in the world that wear the same thing every day.  You really provide an incredible service that I am always grateful for.  Danielle T.–Attars & Ruhs


pet testimonial imageI cannot express the level of gratitude that I have for your vibrational remedies. My dog is happier now, and he even wants to play ball again! After we lost his sister, he was so depressed. Thanks to your remedies, I have my buddy back again!

Steve W. - Vibrational Remedies for Pets

Thank you for the wonderful [free online] video course, both informative and clearly presented. I am rushing to sign up for more!

Lisa B. - Healing Essential Oils FREE Online Course

I purchased your Blue Star Vibrational Remedy for a deep depression that would not go away. Now it is three weeks later, and I am forgetting to take the remedy — because I no longer need it. The cloud has lifted, thank you for these awesome products!

Tara N. - Blue Star Vibrational Remedy

I’ve taken other online essential oil courses, and none of them even begin to offer what Kathryn has. This class took me beyond what my imagination could even begin to fathom. If you are looking to raise your awareness to the truth about essential oils – then this is the class for you!

She also offers many ways to utilize the oils so that it can be easily integrated into our everyday lives as well as for utilizing the oils for specific healing treatments.

Vicki B. - Healing Essential Oils FREE Online Course

I’m always telling people about your website and oils. You are really doing the world a service by making this course free for everyone.

Misti J. - Healing Essential Oils FREE Online Course