Wholesale Essential Oils Buyers Club

For Natural Healers, Alternative Practitioners & Small Business Owners

    At White Sage Landing, all of our pure essential oils are produced by quality artisans, small distilleries or herbalists in co-creation. By purchasing these oils, you are supporting the regeneration of our planet; for conscious agriculture creates healthy soil, healthy plant communities, and long-term balance, instead of over use and soil depletion.

    As an added bonus to joining the White Sage Landing Buyers Club, you will have access the Member’s Blog where essential oil uses are discussed in detail, healthy recipes are shared along with healing protocols for many conditions and illnesses.

    Members will also receive a bi-monthly online audio file or video link with Michael and/or myself (Kathryn) where we discuss the oils that are currently offered, and share ideas, tips, recipes, and experiences with the other members.

    Michael and I wish you all the joy and happiness of the season. May your love and passion for real, pure, consciously-harvested essential oils carry over into every aspect of life. May that love and everything that you create, spread to other hearts like a green creeping ground clover, one leaf at a time, unfolding organically and in perfect harmony!


Does Your Business Qualify to Join?

Answer YES to the Below Questions to Find Out!

globe mallow flower essence 3

  • Do you have a business license, or retail license?

  • Do you intend to resell the oils you buy through White Sage Landing in a professional practice or retail business; OR do you intend to do group orders for a buyer’s club of your own?

  • Are you seeking a rare quality of essential oils, and are you willing to pay for oils of this quality?

  • Can you commit to a $150.00 purchase every other month?

  • Are you willing to purchase oils on a seasonal yearly basis, or when they are available?

  • Are you willing to wait for several weeks after placing the order to receive your oils from around the world?

  • Are you ready to save around 50% off the retail prices of our essential oils?



The Advantages of Using Miron Violet Glass Bottles

Superior Protection from Light Degradation & Increased Shelf Life


Since 2010, the White Sage Buyers Club has been committed to shifting all of our bottles and jars (including our greater inventory storage) into Miron violet glass bottles. After much research, we discovered that what makes the Miron violet glass unique is twofold.

davana essential oil 2Due to its deep, beautiful indigo hue, the glass allows only violet, ultra-violet and infra-red light to pass into it; the result being that it raises the frequency of its contents, while significantly delaying the decomposition process.

The contents not only stay fresher longer, but the glass also preserves the dynamic energy of what is stored inside. In fact, the frequency of these bottles is so high and pure, that one of our distillers noticed it.

On his way to a show in southern Arizona, Dean had stopped by to visit us. He was travelling in a car loaded with freshly distilled pine and conifer essential oils, all stored in amber bottles.

Just for fun, I let him smell the oils I had recently received from him, from the same distillation batch he was transporting, but now stored in our Miron glass bottles. He was astounded at the difference, and continued to smell them over and over again, comparing the two bottles of the same oil.

There was no denying that there was a big difference in the oil; the Miron glass oil was noticeably fresher, filled with life force, possessing a more diverse aroma than those stored in the amber glass.